Cosmetic Dentistry Basics: What is Digital Smile Design?

Cosmetic Dentistry Basics: What is Digital Smile Design?
Cosmetic dentistry can play a crucial role in helping us develop a smile that brings us confidence and joy. It’s no exaggeration to consider our smiles as a billboard about ourselves to the world – and that goes beyond showing we are happy. Our smile is our broadcast to the world – so we deserve to be confident in it. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever with advances in cosmetic dentistry. From teeth whitening procedures, to porcelain veneers and crowns, and the latest in Digital Smile Design, cosmetic dentistry offers us more options than ever to achieving a beautiful and shapely smile. Today we’ll be discussing Digital Smile Design (DSD) and walk through how this innovative tool helps you attain your best smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of restorative dentistry that strives to improve the appearance of our teeth and smile. This field really took off in the mid-90s with rapid development in bleaching, dental veneers and dental ceramics. Today’s development is focused around the use of computer-aided technology and 3D printing, to help us design a natural, empowering smile.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

So, what is Digital Smile Design? This is the use of design technology that allows dental professionals to plan a person’s smile digitally. Here, we map the current teeth, gums, lips and jaw, to understand their relationship closely. We also talk with the patient about their goals and desires. Understanding what the patient wants from their smile is a crucial part of the process – and this is where DSD shines. It gives us flexibility, allowing us to achieve results in close communication with the patient, but also all the dentists who will eventually carry out the procedure. Digital Smile Design is also about increased accountability for you, the patient. It means a closer control over results, which translates to greater satisfaction for the patient.

How Digital Smile Design works

    1. To begin, we take high-resolution photos and/or video footage. This information forms the basis of our conceptual design, helping understand how your teeth, lips and gums work together.
    2. Analysis of the face begins. Measurements are calibrated, right down to the millimetre. Here, we pick up fine imperfections that may be missed by traditional approaches to cosmetic dentistry.
    3. We map out your new smile based on your own desires and our understanding of what the model smile looks like. This is a careful process – after all, we want you to be able to smile with confidence!
    4. Our virtual design is 3D printed and shared with you, allowing you to see and understand your new smile. This is the moment of truth – a big reveal where you can see our hard work, and your carefully crafted, bespoke smile. From here, together we discuss the scope and scale of the final treatment. This is your chance to voice any concerns about the process or any changes you may like made. The end result is deciding on treatment: this could include veneers, crowns, reshaping and whitening.

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