How to Fix a Chipped or Broken Tooth

How to Fix a Chipped or Broken Tooth
Even though teeth are generally incredibly sturdy and resistant to damage and trauma – enamel is one of the most mineralised tissues in the body – it’s still possible that one of your teeth could become chipped or broken, even from something as simple as crunching on ice or a hard sticky sweet. There are a number of ways you can chip or damage your teeth: falling and hitting something, an impact to the face while playing sports, or biting down on something hard. This type is damage is most likely to occur when the affected teeth are already suffering from tooth decay or has a large filling.

What to do when you break or chip a tooth

The first thing to do after breaking or chipping a tooth is of course to see a dentist as soon as possible – if there’s an emergency dentist in your area that’s able to see you, it’s smart to do that sooner rather than later to minimise the risk of further tooth issues occurring. Naenae Dental has extended hours, opening seven days a week and is open until 8 p.m. four nights a week, so it’s always best to give us a call or come in to our clinic at 9 Hillary Court in Naenae. There’s no way to treat these issues at home, but in the meantime, rinse your mouth well with warm water, apply pressure with a piece of gauze and use a cold pack on your cheek to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Some pharmacies offer temporary dental products that can cover a broken tooth, but this is no substitute for going straight to the dentist and can be messy to do at home.

X-raying your broken tooth

If you come in with a broken tooth, it’s likely that one of our dentists will perform a dental x-ray to assess the extent of the damage. Naenae Dental’s dental x-rays are digital and are now more useful, quicker, and safer than ever before, meaning that it won’t take long for us to get your broken tooth assessed so we can treat it for you.

What solutions can Naenae Dental offer?

The team at Naenae Dental will be able to use a dental filling to repair small holes and minor damage. For serious tooth breaks, there are a number of options depending on the severity of the case. Our dentists might recommend a crown, or the damage may require a root canal – the most serious breaks can expose the nerve and cause a lot of bleeding and pain. If you’re looking for a Wellington dentist that’s able to help you out, no matter what your dental problem is, Naenae Dental are the experts for you! Our team of dentists have over 100 years of combined dental experience, and can take care your dental issues professionally and painlessly. We are well regarded as a dentist Wellington can trust for relief of pain and emergency treatment!
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