ModJaw 3D Jaw Motion

ModJaw 3D Jaw Motion

What is ModJaw?

ModJaw 3D is one of the most advanced digital scanner technologies in dentistry, allowing the precise movements of your jaw to be digitised, recorded, and displayed in real-time. This is accomplished through the use of a highly advanced optical camera and built-in sensors.

If you have a worn dentition and want to address any functional or cosmetic concerns about the maintenance or restoration of the health and beauty of your smile, this technology is invaluable.

Using ModJaw, your restorative therapy will:

  • More dependable
  • More efficient
  • Goals will be better met if any restorations are custom-made to meet the physiologic environment of your mouth.

How Does it Work?

All of your facial information and jaw motions can be optically scanned and analysed inside a digital environment employing a powerful optical camera and sensors. The sensors are placed in certain areas around your face and emit no radiation.

Displayed on a screen next to you, you can visibly see your jaw motions. It helps create a conversation with your dentist about functional movements you perform, such as biting and grinding. You may be able to better comprehend how your jaw motions affect your daily activities or oral health if you can see a visual representation of them. Additionally, any issues that may be causing you pain or discomfort and contributing to tooth wear could be discovered and noted.


We can build your personalised dental restoration using the natural and true movements of your jaw thanks to the ModJaw technology. This allows us to visualise and assess the actual teeth interactions in advance. We may also determine the forces that the restorations will be subjected to inside the mouth.

We are excited to have installed the first ModJaw system in New Zealand at Naenae Dental. Dr Hamid Al-Hassiny and the team are now employing it for full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeover treatments. Come and visit Naenae Dental to check out the newest dental technology and restore your smile today!

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