Why Lasers are the Latest Space-Age Dentistry Breakthrough

Why Lasers are the Latest Space-Age Dentistry Breakthrough
Many people get anxiety about undergoing dental surgery. Fortunately, extraordinary advancements in dentistry have led to faster, safer, and less painful procedures. With the aid of dental lasers, dental professionals can deliver procedures with greater accuracy and accelerated healing times. Today, we dive into how this powerful surgical solution has revolutionised the world of dentistry.

How dental lasers work

Dental lasers emit a thin, concentrated beam of energy. Each wavelength generates an individual thermal output, that penetrates the tissues in the mouth. The light emitted from the laser has the ability to remove or shape these tissues. Different wavelengths on a range of lasers can perform specific, unique procedures. They can effectively remove tissue from a partially exposed wisdom tooth, reshape gum tissue, remove bone and gum tissue during crown lengthening procedures, repair worn down fillings, and more! If you’re looking for safety and comfort, consider looking for skilled dentists who utilise dental lasers for various treatments as there are a number of advantages diode lasers offer.

Lasers enable accurate procedures

Lasers may be used in place of drills, thus minimising your discomfort. In some procedures, laser dentistry even eliminates the use of anesthesia. Through laser precision, the risk of damaging adjacent tissues can be lessened, thus making the treatment much more effective.

Lasers can reduce bleeding

Bleeding is easier to control in laser procedures. High energy laser beams assist in clotting of exposed blood vessels, inhibiting bleeding and blood loss. Because of this, healing is much faster, and the risks of infection are much lower than other dental surgery methods.

Lasers dramatically improve the healing process

Bacteria and fungi are less likely to grow at the surgical site, due to the light beam that sterilises the area, reducing the chances of infections and the need for sutures. Lasers also decrease post-operative pain by sealing nerve endings, making them much more comfortable than conventional techniques.

Lasers are Safe and Effective

Dental lasers can be helpful in making your dental procedures more efficient and less intimidating – advanced and precise technology can help with soft and hard tissue dental procedures. Whether it’s for setting restorative materials such as crowns or fillings, or performing a gingivectomy, dental lasers can deliver superior results. We at Naenae Dental Clinic are trained in the use of multiple modern technologies, including diode lasers. If you want to free yourself from the anxieties of dental surgery, make sure you get the best dentist Wellington has to offer. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands when you come to see us.
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