Oral Cancer has affected many people and continues to be a major illness. Approximately 250 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer each year - most will be treated successfully if treated early. As with all forms of cancer early diagnosis is essential and can help improve chances of survivability and mean less aggressive treatment. Dentists are at the front line when it comes to oral cancer diagnosis as we inspect this region regularly. This is why at Naenae Dental Clinic we carry out a cancer check of the tissues of the mouth and head and neck as part of our comprehensive examinations.


To improve our diagnosis we use the Velscope when appropriate. Velscope is a wireless handheld device that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance our ability to detect abnormalities in the mouth that are often invisible to the naked eye. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the world’s most widely used adjunctive tool for the visualisation of tissue abnormalities in the mouth (such as oral cancer). We strive to provide the best possible service here at Naenae Dental Clinic and that includes accurate diagnosis.