CADCAM Dentistry

Computers have come a long way and now in dentistry the new advances in technology allows our dentists to make ceramic dental restorations using special software - kind of like 3D printing. Computer Aided Design and Milling (CADCAM) technology has been around for a long time but now tools are available that have made the process simple and quick.


At Naenae Dental Clinic we have invested heavily in the best technology available and we use this to deliver superior restorative options such as crowns and inlays/onlays chair-side - usually completed in a single day. This means there is often no need for temporaries or messy impressions as we simply scan your teeth with a high-tech camera and work behind the scenes to get your restoration ready. During this time you can have a break and once the restoration is ready we bond it all in the same day, it’s as simple as that. Through CADCAM technology we can offer Single-Visit Crowns and Indirect restorations at our practice.


This technology allows us to provide our patients with accurate, strong dimensionally stable restorations that can last a long time, are aesthetic, and are specifically made to custom-fit your tooth and bite. Unlike traditional fillings, these restorations are extremely strong and are made very accurately therefore they often last much longer and require little to no adjustments in the mouth.


They say seeing is believing and in dentistry this couldn’t be more true. Our ability to deliver quality, minimally invasive and precise treatment heavily depends on our sight as dentists.


This is why all our clinicians use optical magnifiers (called loupes) to help magnify what they see in the mouth up to 7x - this helps us see things more clearly and deliver the best, most conservative treatment we can.

CBCT imaging

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images are a game changer in dentistry and with new developments in the field of medical imaging we can now take 3D X-ray Models of the mouth, teeth and associated structures. This is invaluable in so many areas of dentistry.


At Naenae Dental Clinic we have invested in some of the best X-ray Technology available which means we can examine many aspects of your teeth including the of precise position of impacted wisdom teeth, spaces to plan for Implant Treatment, airway analysis for sleep apnoea, the tempomandibular (jaw) joint and much more. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive imaging systems to our patients to improve our ability to diagnose effectively.

Cracks and Caries Detection

At Naenae Dental Clinic we are proud to bring you the best possible dental technology. We have invested in many tools to help us diagnose the conditions in the mouth and one of these is DIAGNOdent (dental decay laser). DIAGNOdent is a method we use to detect and diagnose decay. It uses a pain-free red laser diode to inspect the teeth. The light-emitting device is placed on the teeth and gives a digital readout which can help us analyse and determine if there is decay in the mouth that isn’t found in other methods. This is painless, requires no anaesthetic and is a radiation free method which makes it safe and suitable for all patients.


Another breakthrough in dentistry we use on a daily basis is DIAGNOcam - it uses Fibre Optic Technology to illuminate the tooth, almost like x-ray vision. It supports the diagnosis of decay, cracks and leaking fillings.  Diagnocam is a small pain-free mobile device we can use chair-side to examine your teeth. This is an additional technique we use to diagnose teeth and the best part is it is also 100% radiation free. The device has an inbuilt camera which we can use to capture images we see and show them to you instantly. We find it is invaluable to show our clients what we see as it helps them understand what is happening and what needs to be done.

Digital X-rays

X-rays have been an invaluable diagnostic tool in dentistry for many years and they are getting better and better. Digital x-rays are even more useful, quick and safer than ever before. Digital x-rays are taken the same way that the traditional x-rays are taken, however due to the sensitivity of the digital film sensor much less radiation is required.


They are developed without the need of dangerous developing agents. All our x-rays are digital and have been so for many years. They are scanned and saved on a computer which means they are easy to store and send to you if required.

Intra-oral camera

A picture is worth a thousand words - in dentistry that couldn’t be more accurate. It can be hard to understand and imagine what is happening in your mouth from mere descriptions. Although there may be no pain or discomfort that doesn’t always mean everything is necessarily fine and it is even more confusing when you visit a dentist and you are told what is going on - yet you feel nothing.


This is where Intra-oral Cameras are invaluable and by using this convenient imaging solution here at Naenae Dental Clinic we can show our clients what we see - what that cracked tooth looks like, why those large old fillings may need replacement or why the bacterial build up is causing your gums to bleed. We have been using these sorts of images for years and find they help us communicate more clearly what is going on, our clients also love the fact they can see for themselves.


Oral Cancer has affected many people and continues to be a major illness. Approximately 250 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer each year - most will be treated successfully if treated early. As with all forms of cancer early diagnosis is essential and can help improve chances of survivability and mean less aggressive treatment. Dentists are at the front line when it comes to oral cancer diagnosis as we inspect this region regularly. This is why at Naenae Dental Clinic we carry out a cancer check of the tissues of the mouth and head and neck as part of our comprehensive examinations.


To improve our diagnosis we use the Velscope when appropriate. Velscope is a wireless handheld device that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance our ability to detect abnormalities in the mouth that are often invisible to the naked eye. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the world’s most widely used adjunctive tool for the visualisation of tissue abnormalities in the mouth (such as oral cancer). We strive to provide the best possible service here at Naenae Dental Clinic and that includes accurate diagnosis.

Soft Tissue Laser

Here at Naenae Dental Clinic our dentists have trained in the use of multiple modern technologies including diode lasers. These lasers offer a wide range of different applications in dentistry including dental surgery, cosmetics, root canal treatment and treating gum disease. As a clinical tool, diode lasers are capable of creating precision cuts in the soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site and improving healing. A laser beam has a natural sterilization effect as it evaporates bacteria, viruses and fungi – leading to a decrease in local infections at any surgical site. Lasers also decrease post-operative pain by sealing nerve endings making them much more useful than conventional techniques.