Implant Supported Bridge

Replace a few teeth with Implant Supported Bridges

Nothing replaces your natural teeth, implant supported crowns and bridges come as close as it gets. Long gaps where multiple teeth are missing can be treated effectively with implant supported bridges here at Naenae Dental Clinic.

These bridges build back your smile and help you to speak and chew properly by restoring the natural size, shape and colour of your teeth. They help to maintain teeth from shifting out of position. By placing a dental implant, we may be able to join two artificial teeth to the surgically inserted fixture, which will leave you with a complete smile done in the least invasive manner possible. Screw retention allows for easy removal of bridge when necessary. There is no need to drill away existing teeth as you would with conventional tooth supported bridge.


  • Over 95% success rate
  • Restore 70%of your biting force
  • Enhances your oral health
  • Better pronunciation and heightened confidence
  • No damage to the neighbouring teeth
  • They are fixed not removable
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