Cracks and Caries Detection

At Naenae Dental Clinic we are proud to bring you the best possible dental technology. We have invested in many tools to help us diagnose the conditions in the mouth and one of these is DIAGNOdent (dental decay laser). DIAGNOdent is a method we use to detect and diagnose decay. It uses a pain-free red laser diode to inspect the teeth. The light-emitting device is placed on the teeth and gives a digital readout which can help us analyse and determine if there is decay in the mouth that isn’t found in other methods. This is painless, requires no anaesthetic and is a radiation free method which makes it safe and suitable for all patients.


Another breakthrough in dentistry we use on a daily basis is DIAGNOcam - it uses Fibre Optic Technology to illuminate the tooth, almost like x-ray vision. It supports the diagnosis of decay, cracks and leaking fillings.  Diagnocam is a small pain-free mobile device we can use chair-side to examine your teeth. This is an additional technique we use to diagnose teeth and the best part is it is also 100% radiation free. The device has an inbuilt camera which we can use to capture images we see and show them to you instantly. We find it is invaluable to show our clients what we see as it helps them understand what is happening and what needs to be done.