Cracks & Caries Detection

Cracks & Caries Detection at Naenae

We are happy to provide you with the most advanced dental technologies at Naenae Dental Clinic. We have invested in several instruments to assist us in diagnosing oral diseases, one of which is DIAGNOdent (dental decay laser). DIAGNOdent is a technique for detecting and diagnosing deterioration. It inspects the teeth using a painless red laser beam. The light-emitting gadget is put on the teeth and provides a digital readout, which can assist us in analysing and determining if there is decay in the mouth that previous procedures have not detected. This procedure is painless, requires no anaesthesia, and is radiation-free, making it safe and acceptable for all patients.

DIAGNOcam is another advancement in dentistry that we utilise on a regular basis; it employs Fibre Optic Technology to illuminate the teeth, like x-ray vision. It aids in the detection of deterioration, fissures, and leaky fillings. DIAGNOcam is a compact, painless mobile gadget that we may use to inspect your teeth while you are sitting in your chair. This is another technology we utilise to diagnose teeth, and the greatest thing is that it is completely radiation-free. The gadget includes a built-in camera, which we may utilise to take photographs and present them to you in real-time. We feel that showing our customers what we observe is quite beneficial since it helps them comprehend what is going on and what needs to be done.

Our high-quality dental services and hygiene treatments at Naenae Dental Clinic may help you attain the greatest oral health possible. Choose Naenae if you’re seeking a trustworthy dentist in Lower Hutt, Wellington, who can give you full dental evaluations. Allow our skilled dentists to create a treatment plan that will keep you on top of your dental health. Online consultations are available!

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