Full Arch Fixed Bridge

Full Arch Fixed Bridge / All on X

If you are missing several teeth, full arch replacements can be a great option. Full-arch fixed bridge, also known as, All on X, is basically a dental bridge which is held in permanently with dental implants. This is a cost effective minimally invasive procedure to restore the function of your mouth and give you back the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

The dental implants that we place, act as a scaffold that supports existing bone giving the bridge something to hold onto. The procedure uses 3D imaging which enables our dentists to meticulously plan your treatment to minimise the time spent in the treatment room.

What do our patients find most reassuring about this option? On the day of the procedure, you will leave with temporary teeth so you will not need to go without.


  • No plastic covering the palate and gums which prevents food and drink testing and much better chewing power
  • Aesthetically close to real teeth look.
  • No risk of losing them like removable dentures
  • No gag reflexes

How do they work?

After a consultation, the treatment to provide the dental implants and immediate replacement are performed in the same day. Throughout the procedure, our patients may choose to be sedated and therefore they are relaxed and comfortable. We work closely with experienced dental technicians who specialize in making natural looking teeth. The new implant supported teeth will be made specifically to suit your mouth and face shape. Once the implant is integrated into the bone which takes about 3-6 months, they are ready to have the final teeth fitted to it.

Maintaining your smile is as simple as keeping a regular professional maintenance schedule with your favourite dentist!

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