Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-Oral Camera at Naenae

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true in dentistry. It might be difficult to grasp and visualise what is going on in your mouth based on descriptions alone. Although there may be no pain or discomfort, this does not always imply that everything is alright. It is even more perplexing when you see a dentist and are informed what is wrong – yet you feel nothing.

This is where intra-oral cameras come in handy, and by utilising this convenient imaging solution here at Naenae Dental Clinic, we can show our clients what we see – what that cracked tooth looks like, why those large old fillings may need to be replaced, or why bacterial build-up is causing your gums to bleed. We’ve been utilising this kind of photograph for years and find that they help us express more clearly what’s going on; our clients also like the fact that they can see for themselves.

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