CADCAM Dentistry

Computers have come a long way and now in dentistry the new advances in technology allows our dentists to make ceramic dental restorations using special software - kind of like 3D printing. Computer Aided Design and Milling (CADCAM) technology has been around for a long time but now tools are available that have made the process simple and quick.


At Naenae Dental Clinic we have invested heavily in the best technology available and we use this to deliver superior restorative options such as crowns and inlays/onlays chair-side - usually completed in a single day. This means there is often no need for temporaries or messy impressions as we simply scan your teeth with a high-tech camera and work behind the scenes to get your restoration ready. During this time you can have a break and once the restoration is ready we bond it all in the same day, it’s as simple as that. Through CADCAM technology we can offer Single-Visit Crowns and Indirect restorations at our practice.


This technology allows us to provide our patients with accurate, strong dimensionally stable restorations that can last a long time, are aesthetic, and are specifically made to custom-fit your tooth and bite. Unlike traditional fillings, these restorations are extremely strong and are made very accurately therefore they often last much longer and require little to no adjustments in the mouth.