How To Fight Dental Anxiety

How To Fight Dental Anxiety

You are not the only one who fears going to the dentist. It is a common occurrence. When someone has tension, worry, or even terror when visiting the dentist, we refer to this as having “dental anxiety.” This fear may cause you to postpone or avoid dental appointments entirely.

Why Might You Be Anxious?

Needle phobia is a big reason for dental fear. Even the thought of having a needle placed into your mouth can make many people extremely anxious. The proximity of the dentist or assistant to their face often causes people to feel uneasy. Others can be embarrassed by the state of their teeth or potential bad breath. Another fairly popular reason for avoiding the dentist is pain phobia. This phobia frequently arises from a painful or unpleasant early dental encounter. Some worry that the anaesthesia hasn’t yet kicked in or that the dosage isn’t enough to completely take away any pain prior to the start of the dental operation.

How Can We Help You Feel More Comfortable At Naenae Dental Clinic?

We understand that some of our patients may initially visit Naenae Dental Clinic with some level of nervousness. We ensure to take all necessary steps to make the experience enjoyable and to address and ease any anxieties. Patients are confident to schedule their six-monthly exams after their initial visit to Naenae Dental Clinic.

We have a variety of options to help calm your nerves, so even if you are the most scared patient, you feel you’re in a safe environment.

  • We provide IV sedation on request
  • Relaxing music is played, and can be changed at your request.
  • If you need a break, you can have as many as you need
  • Throughout any procedure, a dental assistant will be by your side, a great hand holder!
  • A full written treatment plan is given prior to any dental procedure so you understand the steps and are well prepared
  • Most importantly just let the team know you’re feeling a little uneasy, we are here to make your experience a pleasant one.

Working with a reputable dentist with who you can freely discuss your worries can help you overcome all feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry. In Wellington, Naenae Dental Clinic has a staff of qualified dentists who are trained to explain the process to you, pay attention to your needs, and put your oral health first. Make an appointment right away!

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