My Gums Hurt When I Brush My Teeth

My Gums Hurt When I Brush My Teeth

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is essential for good dental health. However, when brushing your teeth is unpleasant, it becomes difficult to inspire oneself to do so. If you have painful, irritated, swollen, or bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, you should take action before your dental health worsens.

Learn why your teeth or gums hurt when you clean them. Some cases are just only a change in brushing technique, while others may need dentist intervention.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing your teeth too forcefully or using a toothbrush with firm bristles may be causing gum pain. Because your gums are formed of tissue, when they are repeatedly irritated, the tissue can become damaged and painful to the touch.

Brush softly in small up and down motion rather than horizontally back and forth. Replace your hard-bristled toothbrush with one that has soft bristles. Soft bristles are gentler on your gums. Try focus bristles 45 degrees to the gum line. You can pay attention to your technique if you brush mindfully. Instead of doing it while watching TV or scrolling through your phone, observe yourself in the mirror.

Consider getting an electric toothbrush for optimum cleaning. A good electric toothbrush should have a built-in pressure sensor, 30 seconds timer and 2 mins timer.

Gingivitis / Gum Disease

Almost half of all New Zealanders suffer from gum disease. That’s a lot of people, considering it is an illness that may be avoided. Gingivitis, a minor form of gum disease, and periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease, can cause your gums to swell, become painful, and turn red. When you clean your teeth, you may experience sensitivity, discomfort, and soreness. Contact us if you believe you have gum disease. We’ll be able to evaluate your problem and provide the appropriate therapy to get you back on track — and back to pain-free brushing.

Orthodontic Treatment

Braces, retainers, dentures, or mouth guards might be one of the few apparent causes of gum discomfort and irritation. Over time, the frequent tugging, pulling, and rubbing against the gums can cause them to become irritated and painful. This might have an impact on how your gums feel when brushing your teeth. This can be prevented by talking to your dentist as your treatment may not be fitted right.

Prevention Strategies

A light massage to the gums from the outside of your mouth might make your gums feel better in certain circumstances. However, prevention is the best strategy to relieve gum discomfort when cleaning your teeth. Brush twice a day, after each meal, floss, rinse with water, and see your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis. Contact the team at Naenae Dental Clinic today to discuss your options, one of our friendly dental hygienists will be happy to help you!

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