Dental Hygiene treatment

Our Wellington Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists work closely with our Wellington dental team to provide a complete care approach to our patient’s oral health.

What does a Dental Hygienist do?

A dental hygienist’s job is to maintain the health of the supporting structures of the teeth, such as the gum and bone that create the foundations for your teeth. This care includes prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of gingivitis or periodontal diseases commonly known as Gum Disease. These issues are often symptomless, but can present as bleeding when brushing, bad breath, swollen and red looking gums, loose teeth, or gum recession, and early detection of these concerns is vital in the prevention of gum and bone destruction so you may decide you need hygiene treatment yourself, or as a recommendation by your dentist.

What does a Dental Hygiene Treatment involve?

A Dental Hygiene Treatment may include scaling and polishing stains and deposits (such as plaque and calculus/tartar) off your tooth surfaces to treat these concerns, and if necessary can be done so using numbing gels or local anaesthetics.


Based on your specific needs your dental hygienist will suggest regular dental maintenance appointments to ensure stabilisation and prevention of further concerns, as well as comprehensive advice for ongoing home care.


The Naenae Dental Hygiene department offers much more than ‘tooth cleaning’; and aside from gum disease treatment and prevention, can also support you with whitening, dietary advice, care of your oral health at home with product suggestions and plans, implant and prosthetics maintenance, sensitivity treatments, and advice about decay or erosion. We are open 7 days a week, book an appointment with one of our Wellington Dental Hygienists today.