Can Teeth Whitening Cause Gum Recession?

Can Teeth Whitening Cause Gum Recession?
A bright, white smile is something that many of us wish to have. Teeth whitening treatments have grown in popularity over the years, with a range of products on the market ranging from at-home whitening kits to professional treatments at the dentist.  While teeth whitening is generally thought to be safe, some people are concerned that it may cause gum recession. We take a look at whether there is a link between teeth whitening and gum recession.

What is gum recession?

To begin, what exactly is gum recession? Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue that surrounds and protects the teeth begins to deteriorate, exposing the tooth’s root. Because the root is not as well protected as the rest of the tooth, this can result in tooth sensitivity. Gum recession can also cause cosmetic issues by making teeth appear longer than they are.

What is teeth whitening? 

Teeth whitening, on the other hand, is a cosmetic dental procedure in which a bleaching agent is used to lighten the colour of the teeth. There are numerous options for teeth whitening, including at-home treatments like whitening strips and professional treatments like laser whitening.

Can teeth whitening lead to gum recession? 

The short answer is that, while teeth whitening is unlikely to cause gum recession directly, it could be a potential factor in some cases. When the whitening agent comes into contact with the gums, it can cause irritation, which can exacerbate pre-existing gum recession. It is most likely that these issues would arise with at-home treatments, as they are not administered by a dental professional. Dental professionals take precautions and ensure to protect the gums during the whitening procedure.  Whitening your teeth too frequently or using very aggressive chemicals could also contribute to gum recession. Overuse of teeth-whitening products can eventually weaken the enamel, resulting in tooth sensitivity and gum recession. This is why we recommend that, prior to starting any whitening treatment, you consult a dental professional. Overuse of teeth whitening products can weaken the enamel, resulting in tooth sensitivity and gum recession. This is why, before beginning a whitening treatment, it is critical to follow the instructions provided with any teeth whitening product and to seek advice from a dental professional.

How can you protect your gums while maintaining a bright, white smile? 

If you are considering teeth whitening, we recommend that you always have it done by a dental professional. A dentist will be able to assess the condition of your teeth and gums, ensuring the procedure can be completed safely with proper precautions. A professional will also be able to recommend suitable whitening treatments for your specific needs. We provide a variety of teeth whitening treatments at Naenae Dental, including in-chair and take-home options. We use cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure that our patients achieve the best possible outcomes while minimising the risk of side effects. Our skilled dental professionals will collaborate with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that meets both your needs and your budget. While teeth whitening is generally considered safe, it can, in some cases, contribute to gum recession. To protect your gums, it is best to have teeth whitening done by a dental professional, who can assess your specific needs and take precautions to reduce the risk of any negative effects.  We provide a variety of safe and effective teeth whitening treatments at Naenae Dental to help you achieve a brighter, more confident smile. Contact Naenae today to discuss your teeth whitening options with a member of the team. 
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