How You Can Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

How You Can Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist
Fear of going to the dentist does exist for some people. This fear stems from a multitude of reasons – it may be because one is anxious about the costs it could entail if anything needs to be fixed. Other times, fear comes from the anticipation of pain from drills and needles. Major dental procedures like wisdom teeth removal may invoke feelings of distress, but we find this is often due to misinformation. But, how exactly do you overcome these fears? Read on, as we discuss ways of dealing with some different specific fears.

1. The fear of pain

The most common fear of dental visits is the anticipation of pain. However, it’s important to note that multiple factors come into play with dental pain. When you’re more fearful, your body tends to tense up, and this could easily make you more sensitive to pain. Try to relax by practising deep breathing. Remember that anaesthetics are available for most treatments, and they work best when you’re relaxed.

2. Trauma from bad experience

Sometimes your fear and anxiety may stem from a bad experience with your previous dentist, during a tooth extraction or some other routine procedure. Thankfully, not all dentists are the same. We suggest that you ask for recommendations from close friends and family whom you can trust. When you find a new dentist to work with, make sure to express and communicate your concerns to them. This way, they can understand your situation better and adapt the treatment around your specific needs.

3. The fear of helplessness

It’s understandable to have feelings of helplessness when sitting for hours on a dental chair. Being confined to a chair may trigger feelings of claustrophobia, anxiety, and elicit panic attacks. Inform the dental staff at the beginning of the appointment on how you’re feeling. You can also use hand signals whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable. This will let them know right away when you want to take a break so you can stretch or take a breather from the procedure.

4. Embarrassment towards your oral health

Even embarrassment can cause irrational fears towards going to the dentist. It may be because you admit that you havent’t had a check-up for several months, or you have gone years without a dental cleaning. This may cause you to become fearful of wha a dentist might say. Consider the fact that dental professionals have probably seen it all! It’s likely that you’re nowhere near the worst set of teeth they’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s their job to help you get your oral health back in shape, not to criticise you.

5. Anxiety about cost

Dental procedures are more costly when your insurance doesn’t cover it, however, you save more along the way when you show up to your regular, scheduled appointments. Having regular check-ups significantly reduces the need for costly treatments later on. Furthermore, it’s always good to ask your dentist about payment options. Most dentists will work with you to create a comfortable financial arrangement.

Work with a dentist you’re most comfortable with

You can overcome all feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry when you work with a trusted dentist with whom you can openly share your concerns. Naenae Dental Clinic employs a team of professional dentists in Wellington who are trained to keep you informed about the procedure, listen to your needs, and care for your oral health above all else. Book an appointment today!

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